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The West River Improvement Association (WRIA) is dedicated to working together to protect and improve the quality of life in Galesville and the entire West River watershed.
The Galesville Heritage Society (GHS) was incorporated in 1991 to “discover, document, study, publish and encourage public interest in and appreciation of the heritage, and culture of Galesville, Maryland.”  To pursue this purpose, the Society collected and documented the village’s and exhibited its collections in a room behind the West River Market on Galesville’s main street.
The Galesville Community Center resides in the historic Rosenwald School of Galesville. It was built as an elementary school for African American children in 1929 as a one room school and expanded to a two room school in 1931 as part of the Julius Rosenwald Program.
Join us at Galesville United Methodist Church as we worship the God who is with us through our distress and loss, loss of family, loss of employment, life circumstances that make this a tough time. Come for a time of worship, reflection, and accepting where we really are, but, also holding out for healing and hope.
Ebenezer African Methodist Episcopal Church 
Main Street and Church Lane, Galesville, MD 20765